Which Are the Best Lyrics From Lemmy Kilmister?

There are many classic Motorhead songs with lyrics like “Shut up!” and “No Class.” These early Motorhead songs are characterized by frenetic speed, but the greasy guitar lick and midtempo boogie rhythm of “No Class” is reminiscent of the guitar work of ZZ Top’s “Tush.”

Lemmy Kilmister was a prolific songwriter, and he was unrepentant in his attitude and bad habits. Despite his rotten mood and rabid attitude, Motorhead were always ready to unleash another frenzied song. These songs were about bad luck, stiff drinks, and twisted people. So, which are the best lyrics from Lemmy Kilmister?

In addition to Motorhead, Lemmy also wrote several songs for Hawkwind. “Silver Machine” was one of those songs. In 1975, Lemmy was thrown out of the band after being arrested for drugs. Canadian authorities thought Lemmy was carrying cocaine and speed, although these drugs were not punishable under Canadian law. In the meantime, Motorhead’s defining song “Blackout” celebrates the addictive power of amphetamines.

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