What you need to know about MPN ( manufacturer part number)

If you ever buy an electronics item or replacement part of a broken item online, you might hear about the MPN. MPN is the manufacturer part number that works like an essential tool to search for the right product

MPN is a unique number of products that are used by customers to search for the product that they exactly want to buy. It reduces the chance of getting the wrong product

Here is the guide for you to read to get complete information on the manufacturer part number.

What is MPN

MPN ( manufacturer number) is a special identification number put in by manufacturers to identify a specific product. It is represented as a string of letters and numbers. It is a valuable tool to spot fake products.

Customers can easily be determined whether the products bought by them are authentic or not by using MPN.

Different codes of products related to MPN

For a few products, the manufacturers use different product codes. Besides the MPN, the jacket has an SKU, and the book has ISBN product codes. A UPC product code is also used by some manufacturers at to identify the goods.

  • SKU/ Stock keeping units- It is a unique numbering system that keeps the different tabs for stock levels
  • ISBN/ International standard book number- It is a product code used by bookstores or publishing companies for the use of inventory management
  • UPC/ Universal product codes- This unique numbering system for goods are known as the UPC barcode. It is used by manufacturers to track inventory.

How to determine the product MPN

The manufacturer puts the MPN on most of their products. The Manufacturer part number is different for different products.

  • If you make a close look, you will see the code on the back or bottom of your merchandise.
  • Sometimes, the MPN is also written in the product accompanying documentation.
  • Amazon today use verified features to help customers to determine the MPN of the product.
  • For this, customers only need to use the search bar to look at MPN and tap on one of the results.
  • Once you tap on it, a big green banner for the confirmed match appears at the top. It means you can find the MPN of your right product.

Best practices for Amazon MPN

Here are the best practices you need to follow to use amazon MPN for your product listing as a seller

  • Verify the MPN. Amazon merchants make look at it. Hence, it should be emphasized in this way.
  • Do not enter the MPN only in a given field. Add the MPN to the description, titles, or bullet points also. The more MPN you add, the more it increases the listings on search results.
  • If your MPN is embossed or stamped, take a picture and post it on your Amazon listing. Make a look at MPN to improve the customer experience and finish the transaction.


To sum it up, adding the MPN to the amazon listing helps the sellers to boost their sales.

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