Reasons to Get an AMC for Your RO Water Purifier.

Have you brought home a new RO water purifier recently? The immediate step after this purchase would be to get an AMC which stands for Annual Maintenance Contract, a great solution to get done and dusted with the yearly RO servicing responsibility. Kent RO service in Kolkata is at its best now due to the high increase in the use of water purifiers amidst the alarming air pollution index.

Water purifiers are just necessary to grace your kitchen to get clean and safe drinking water. Water saves the human body from various diseases and is responsible for various crucial functions. But problems arise when drinking water is unsafe, which, according to recent studies, is commonplace.

RO water purifiers are saviours as they subject the water to multiple (most of the times 10 to 12 times) filtration processes and wipe out all the hazardous dirt, dust and chemicals. Grave diseases are borne out of poorly maintained water purifiers. Their positive role turns to negative.

Hence, as a health-conscious person, it is a duty to keep the purifier at its best. It is only possible when the purifier is maintained without any negligence.

What is AMC?

AMC is an annual contractual service provided to the company’s users of the water purifier. This contract between the service provider and user ensures a guaranteed cleaning of the purifier at regular intervals.

A certain amount of money must be deposited to the service provider, and in return, they will send technicians to inspect the RO thoroughly. Approximately, the user gets 4 to 5 times services in a year with a one-time investment.

Almost everyone in a family gets a packed schedule due to rough working hours and other commitments. Paying extra attention, whether the servicing is done to the purifier or not, only increases the burden. Even though a simple search Kent water purifier service near me in Kolkata gives a list of well-rated service centres, you probably would like it to be hassle-free.

Users may effortlessly maintain their RO and obtain the best results with this option. The truth is that you may use this choice for a longer period in accordance with the time period you selected. The price varies depending on several factors, such as price and the kind of services one wants to include. You will receive full support from an expert RO specialist with years of experience and expertise. It is one of the best ways to save money when receiving RO system maintenance services.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get an AMC:

Hassle-free Service:

It ticks the RO servicing off your yearly to-do list. In addition, you will always receive a prompt answer if there is a problem. Technicians are experts and prioritise customers to provide immediate support. Home services are available too!

Saves Money:

It’s a one-time investment and saves various additional costs, such as transportation charges. You may receive fee discounts when you renew or extend the AMC option.

Takes Major Parts into the Service:

Filters, membranes, and waste pipes are some of the significant parts of a purifier, and AMC covers all of these major parts. They replace or repair once any problem is noticed.

Safe Drinking Water:

It guarantees uninterrupted access to safe drinking water. Call anytime if there’s any problem. Most companies put customer satisfaction a priority.

Smart Choice:

You act smart and wise once you opt for this AMC. You don’t have to go through the hustle of finding contacts and asking them to come home. Rather, all the services are at your doorstep.

What are the Charges of AMC?

RO AMC cost depends on multiple factors like the brand, the frequency of the servicing and the type of the servicing. Added, there’re several customisation options available. However, an AMC comes with a decent price range that would keep the bank intact. Customers can renew the AMC for the next year or cancel anytime. These services include filter checks, membrane maintenance and spotting rust or leakage.


Every citizen of the world should have free access to safe drinking water along with air and food. RO are one way to ensure this in urban and suburban neighbourhoods. Don’t compromise your as well as your family’s health. Book a consultation now! Visit the brand website or search for “RO service near me” and get the details.

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