Play Fun Game Chillipop at Fun88 and Earn Some Real Cash

You are learning about the latest redemption slot games! What is the Fun88 Chillipop bonus slot game? Why is it loved by so many gamers? How is the betting bonus in the game? We invite you to find out through the following article!

Introduction to slot game Chillipop at Fun88

Game Award-winning slot machine Chillipop was produced by Bestsoft Gaming. The game has five slots and cluster-paying combinations. one of the year’s most-played and well-liked titles.

You’ll be impressed by the slot game’s spiraling effects. Additionally, it is drawn to Mexico because of its exquisite culture. You can take part in the festival vacation as well. This 2023 game is definitely worth trying out. Create an account as soon as possible at Chillipop.

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RTP rate of slot game Chillipo

RTP – an important metric in slot games. Theoretically, what is the intended RTP of the bets played to be returned on average at the time of reaching? So based on RTP, you can decide whether to play this slot game or not. The current RTP rate of the Chillipop slot game is 95.38%. And predict the upcoming RTP of this game will be up to 96% in free spins. 

How to play the Fun88 Chillipop slot

This game is incredibly simple to play, just like other internet slot machines. The participants’ only other option is to begin rotating in search of the Piatas symbol. The Piatas sign in the game is wild, which means it offers the best extra payout. Fun88 Chillipop game instructions are as follows:

  • Press the blue 2 arrow icon button to activate the reels.
  • Press the arrow button on the coin button to adjust the bet to decrease or increase. 
  • Press the Autoplay button to turn on the autoplay function when you don’t want to press the dial continuously.
  • Press the Double up or double up button to enter gambling mode. Here, you will guess the face or face of the coin. When you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled.

Meaning of the symbols in the slot game Chillipop

In the Chillipop slot game, there are quite a few symbols. Each icon carries a different story. Let’s find out together!

Wild Symbol – Piñatas

The Wild emblem in Piatas is an excellent picture. This symbol is very adaptable. Any element in this slot machine game has an on/off button. You will have at least one piata, with the exception of the Am sign, which can still show up on the reels.

If more than one Piata appears on the screen at once, you will then be struck with a layered multiplier. With this layered increase, you can win 12,500 times your original wager. When the same images align up on the payline, you will win in a cluster and be rewarded partyguise.

Scatter symbol – Mule

When three or more symbols show anywhere on the reels, you are awarded free plays. The quantity of active icons affects how frequently you win. You will be able to earn anywhere from 5 to 26 rounds.

The bonus plays are not even activated by a La symbol. But there is a possibility that every single mule will assist you in making the matrix 8 by 8. If you have at least 5 mules, you can add a section to the matrix. You can add one more section if there are at least 10 donkeys. In order to grow to a maximum of 8 × 8, you must gather 70 mules lifestylefun.

Some other icons in the game Chillipop 

  • When you land in a cluster of standing characters, scallions, tomatoes, and pepper all pay 2 coins per symbol
  • Each symbol pays 5 coins when using red peppers, and 6 coins when using orange symbols.
  • When the greatest offer is up to 10 cents and the red pepper, yellow onion, and orange symbols are used, it pays 7. You only ever encounter a collection in this sign. Each sign will earn you 12 hands of cards.

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Outstanding features of the Chillipop slot game

When three or more of the same icons appear on the Chillipop slot machine, a prize is generated. All the clusters you defeat to triumph, with the exception of the “La” cluster, which will chant ferociously. Or, the La sign will make room for the addition of new symbols.

Buy bonus

When you start playing with the base spin, you have the option of buying 10 free spins. The price will be displayed in the year of purchase so you won’t have to activate the regular bonus game. 

Free Spins

If you want the opportunity to utilize the incentive in a conventional manner. Then you must locate the Scatter-Mule icons. The bonus plays can be triggered with just three. when you get a collection of all the La emblems. You’ll get more bonus plays. You receive 5 free spins for every 3 mules, and 6 free spins for every 4 mules.

Your play space will grow as you unload more mules. As a result, you will be more likely to succeed.

Cluster payment

The game Chillipop has a lot of rewards, which makes it very alluring. The sliding scroll feature is being used. You will gain a lot if you succeed. The rewards are a massive collection of symbols. The return on your original investment there could be up to 100 times greater!


The Fun88 Chillipop slot game has many special features that make it one of the most exciting and rewarding games to play. With its fun visuals, cascading scrolls, free spins, and cluster payouts, it’s no wonder why Fun88 players love this game so much! So come try your luck today and see what you can win with this slot game! Thanks for reading!

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