Mineral Sunscreen For Kids & Coping With Wriggling

Ask any parent of small children about mineral sunscreen for kids, and many will tell you that getting it on when they’re eager to go out, and play can be quite tough. They wriggle, and they squirm, and do everything they can to escape from your grasp and go out and have fun in the sun.

However, as we all know,  allowing that to happen before you’ve had a chance to cover every exposed part of their little bodies. Obviously, that can’t happen. But don’t stress too much, as we’ve got some more useful games that allow you to get it onto their skin with the least possible amount of stress. 

It’s all about injecting fun into proceedings…

Games For Applying Mineral Sunscreen For Kids 

When you can make a game out of things, you’ll invariably make things easier, as it will seem like that much less of a chore. So, let’s have a look at some game options you can try. 

Game #1 – Connect Up The Dots

Whether using a stick, spray or regular lotion brand of mineral sunscreen for kids, you will pretty much always need to start by adding ‘dots’ of sunscreen all over the skin. So, a great game to play with young children is to get them to try and join the dots! Using their finger, they’ll try and do what you say while at the same time getting them to put it on themselves. It’s a real Jedi mind trick!

Game #2 – Play Simon Says

Who can forget the old favorite of Simon Says? It’s a popular thebirdsworld game that can be used for sunscreen applications. The game goes something like this…putting some sunscreen into your child’s hand and then “Simon says, put sunscreen on your leg…put sunscreen on your arm…aah, got you!” 

Play a few games of Simon Says, and before you know it, they’ll have sunscreen in every place they need it, and you’re spared all the moans and groans you normally get. 

Game #3 – Treat it Like Body Paint!

This particular game is best suited to sunscreen sticks. We’ve all seen them, and they look just like body paints, right? Throw your child a sun stick and watch them turn themselves into a ghost or a superhero or whatever they have in their mind. It’s another example of imagination overcoming the challenge!

Game #4 – Racing to See Who Is First!

Whether you have one child or many, playing races with anything can be great fun. Sunscreen is no different, so it could go…”I’m going to put some sunscreen into everyone’s hands and the person who covers their right leg first wins and gets a prize!”. This is a great option as it involves everyone at the same time! 

Use Fun & It’s Easy to Apply Mineral Sunscreen For Kids!

You see, when dealing with children, things need to be fun, or they get relegated to the category of chores, and we all know how kids feel about chores, right?

These games are fun, but they achieve a very important infosportsworld goal. It takes just a single bout of sunburn during your child’s life to drastically increase their chances of skin cancer during their lives, so it’s not just about preventing irritation – it’s about protecting their long-term future.

Try just one or two of the games we’ve covered in this article and you might be pleasantly surprised about just how easy sunscreen applications become with your kids.

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