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Know These Hidden Features to use TikTok Better

TikTok is not a passing fad (as many people had hoped!). On the contrary, the social media platform boasts 1 billion active users across 154 countries. So you can hate the platform or love it, but you cannot ignore it!

If you want to get started on TikTok but feel overwhelmed whenever you open the app, be ready to get schooled.

The Green Screen Effect

In the TikTok world, the green screen is the most coveted tool as it can immediately transform the backdrop of your videos. You don’t need any fancy studio to record your videos, except mastering the green screen effect.

Create a new video by tapping the plus sign on your feed and tap Effects to view the effects menu. With the green screen, you get two options – use a video or photo as your background. Select what you want and then upload a photo/video. Then, hit the record button to start recording your video.

If you wish to add additional clips in the background, repeat the same process. TikTok will stitch them, so they appear seamless.

Voice Effects

Want your video to be narrated by a robot or a comedic character? Then, use TikTok’s Voice Effects feature to transform your chatter.

On your main feed, tap the plus icon to create a new video and press the record button. In the record screen, click the Checkmark to go to the editing screen. Next, tap Voice Effects and choose the effect you want to apply to the original audio.

Save Favorites

The TikTok Favorites folder is a treasure trove. You can save all your favorite videos to watch them later.

When watching TikTok videos, you are bound to come across effects, audio, and videos that you may want to watch or use later. However, since it is easy to lose content because the platform gets updated every second with new content, the best option is to save what you like.

Open the app > find an effect, sound, or video to add to your favorites > tap the bookmark icon on the bottom right.

Are you wondering how to find favorites on Tik Tok? Open the app and tap the bookmark icon. All your saved videos and audio will be found here. You can organize and manage them as you please.

Hide the liked Videos

You can hide your choices if you’re uncomfortable sharing the content you like.

Open the app > choose your Profile > tap the three lines on the screen’s top-right > choose Settings & Privacy > tap Privacy > tap Liked Videos > tap the Only Me button under Who Can Watch Your Liked Videos.

Then, enjoy watching your favorite content without being judged.

Create a Slideshow

Have you seen the videos where several pictures pop up? This is called a slideshow. Whether displaying your photography skills or creating an entertainment video, the slideshow feature can be helpful.

You can follow these steps to create a video slideshow and post it on TikTok:

  • Tap the plus icon by opening the creator section.
  • Choose as many images as you want by clicking Upload and selecting the pictures.
  • Organize and orange the pictures.
  • The app will recommend a sound to match your pictures. You can select the Music icon and choose the music of your liking.
  • Choose the filters and transitions of your choice. Click Next and save the slideshow. You can tap Post to upload the slideshow on your feed for your followers.

Customize your Feed

TikTok shows different videos uploaded by creators. The primary objective is to show you content matching your liking. You can customize your feed if you do not see things you enjoy.

To personalize your feed, tap and hold the video. When the menu appears, choose Not Interested. Then, a message will pop up that you will not receive videos like this in the future.

Another way to personalize your feed is by choosing your interests when you sign up for the app. This will let you start your journey with exciting and relevant content.

Use Audio to Search for Videos

Are you looking for a particular video? If you don’t know what the video is about but remember the audio, you can use it to find it. You can search for it by using the audio.

Search videos through audio by opening the search option and then using the keywords to search for a particular sound, like viral audio. You can use the mic bottom to search. You can scroll to find your favorite sound, user, hashtags, and videos associated with the search.

If you make your searches specific, you will easily find the video you are looking for.

The Bottom Line

You must know these TikTok features to use the application and upload videos to amass a significant fan following.

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