Importance of Shramik card for Unorganized sector workers

Eligibility criteria for applying for a shramik card

E-labor cards can only be created for those who perform less work in the unorganized sector.

The creation of an e-shram card is only available to those whose PF money has not yet been withheld.

The creation of the e-shram card is only available to those earning a daily income.

No e-shram cards can be made for students or those who are studying.

You shouldn’t get an e-shram card made if you’re looking for work FAQ BLOG.

Advantages of E Shram Card

Under the PM Suraksha Bima Yojana, employees who join the portal receive insurance coverage up to Rs 2 lakh.

2 lakh in the event of an unavoidable death or permanent disability, and 1 lakh in the case of a partial disability.

Social Security offers a variety of perks as well.

Obtaining assistance from the federal and state governments in the event of a disaster or pandemic is simple.

E Shram Card / UAN Card drawbacks

Having an e-worker card is solely advantageous and poses no risks if we speak normally. Nonetheless, individuals who are newsintv presently in school, seeking for work, or training for government jobs. The following losses could be experienced by working people who order e-shramik cards but already have EPFO and ESIC cards.

difficulty finding work.

The following drawbacks can apply to them.

  • Getting the job could be challenging.
  • After landing a job, there may be issues with PF withdrawals.
  • Withdrawing funds that have already been deposited in EPFO may provide difficulties.
  • The ESIC card may not work properly.

After landing a job, there are issues getting PF money.

Issues in withdrawing funds that have previously been placed with EPFO.

issue with the ESIC card.

Even while these drawbacks and jmdhindi issues won’t always arise and it’s possible that you won’t, I still advise against getting an e-shram card if you’re a student or currently work in any structured field.

How can I benefit from my registration on the e-Shram portal?

To build a database of workers in the unorganized sector, the e-shram portal was introduced this year. Finding out how many individuals labour in the unorganized sector, to whom the benefits of government programs are to be delivered, is the government’s primary goal mynoteworld.

E Shramik card members will benefit from these programs.

Pension plan insurance plan ration plan

Housing plan


Program for antyodaya yojana health cards

Self-employment program skill development program

Svanidhi Yojana of the Prime Minister

With many benefits of shramik card, now one can easily famousbiography apply for it through online portals. The process is simple and less time taking. Other then shramik card once could also apply for many other documents like caste certificate, ration card etc through online portals.

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