How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Art

If you’ve ever wondered how to use Instagram, this guide is for you. The app is a photo and video-based social networking service. Using a smartphone, you can take photos and videos and broadcast them to friends. If you’re looking to gain exposure, you’ll want to follow the tips below. Also, follow other creatives to see what they’re up to! We have rounded up some of the best ways to promote your art on Instagram.

First, you can interact with other Instagram users by liking their photos. To do so, simply double-tapping the post’s photo. Alternatively, you can tap on the heart icon to like the post. You can also comment on a post by typing your comment in the text box. You can use emojis, as well as write a brief caption. You can also mention other Instagram users by writing “@” in front of their username. After you post a photo or video, you can edit or delete the captions anytime.

Before uploading photos or videos to Instagram, you should set up your profile page. This central area will be the central panel where your followers will see them. In addition, this is where you can change your username and other account information. If you’re an aspiring photographer, Instagram is a great place to showcase your work! You can also add links to your website, if you’d like! If you want to make Instagram a more useful tool, follow these steps.

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