High brow lift surgery

People are different. have a preference for altitude or the appearance of eyebrows are not the same If the surgery, eyebrow lift surgery is to correct droopy eyelids, low eyelids, swollen eyelids, and makes the eyebrows higher and like it, it’s good, it’s suitable to do, but if you don’t like it. 

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You can’t do it. You can test it immediately when you go to the doctor. Or you can do it yourself by experimenting with raising your eyebrows until your upper eyes look good. But lifted with different types of eyebrows and see what kind of eyebrows we like on our face.

 Who should not have eyebrow lift surgery Those who already have high eyebrows both naturally and by permanent eyebrow tattooing. or those who do not like their own facial features with eyebrows at a higher level than before

 Beautiful eyebrows must not be so low as to be close to the upper eyelashes. or drifting too far from the upper eyelashes eyebrows that are close to the upper eyelashes It’s a common trait in men and the elderly, understand that young women probably don’t want eyebrows like this. The lower the tail of the eyebrow It’s even more sad to look like an artist who paints a picture. Used to express the emotion of the face in the cartoon, just draw the eyebrow tail below the eyebrow head. The whole face looked sad. When going to a party, wedding, the girls sit and write their eyebrows or get their eyebrows tattooed high. In fact, the human face just raises the eyebrows a bit. The corners of the eyes are slightly higher than the heads of the eyes. They are in completely different moods. They look fresh and look like a young woman. The eyebrows are too high. Everyone may think of “Jew”, no one will like it. After listening to this, he immediately thought of asking: high eyebrow gjcollegebihta surgery Can the eyes really be more beautiful?

Surgery for a good eyebrow lift Must be able to raise eyebrows in different shapes according to the owner of the face. and can live for a long time especially endoscopic surgery will not be able to raise the eyebrows to a high position or level for long enough, called it falling back quickly to its original place But above the next step is able to raise the eyebrows to the right level, last long and can be lifted in many ways. Get a beautiful eyebrow shape that you like. There must be no unwanted extras that come with eyebrow lift surgery. It is a surgery that is not easy. If not a plastic surgeon, very few daredevils Because if the eyebrows are lifted with the traditional surgical method, a long incision is made from one ear. draped over the top of the head To the other ear (classical brow lift or coronal brow lift) will have a long permanent scar. In some cases, there may be no hair growing at the scar position. scalp behind the wound There will be numbness and the head has a chance to see from pulling the scalp. And the skin of the forehead goes up a lot so that the eyebrows can be raised. the hairline above the forehead must float higher In the case of using the temporal brow lift method, only the tail can be lifted. raise the eyebrows And may not last long. The hair line is straight, the temples are pulled up quite a lot. There is a chance of more baldness. Also, the wound on the temple is 7-8 centimeters long. For this reason, the eyebrow lifting technique is also born. Endoscopy is another option to reduce the negative effects.

 Standard surgery involves 4-5 incisions of 1-4 cm in size on the skin, including under the scalp. and forehead skin

 However, there is a chance of complications. The same applies to standard methods such as congestion or trauma to the facial nerve that can be used to raise the eyebrows. As for other details, it depends on the technique of the performing physician, for example, endoscopic direct brow lift surgery will use normal sutures. Sew eyebrows from the inside under the skin of the head. to seize a higher position

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