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There are many reasons to go ahead and register your business with an online listing. Among the many benefits include greater online visibility that makes your business competitive in its niche market. Online listings are similar to standard paper directories of the past which featured businesses that users were looking for. Along with ensuring that online traffic and prospective customers are driven to the business, there is an additional benefit of using a reputed business directory. All of the top search engines including Google depend on SEO (search engine optimisation) for the rankings of different businesses. Therefore, each time a prospective customer clicks the link of a business when searching online it is recorded in the SEO. The greater the online traffic generated in the form of backlinks for a business, the more it will improve the SEO standing of the website as well as the directory.     

Choosing the Right Directories

As someone new just staring out with online marketing working with something familiar puts one at ease. Most of us use Google, and other social media platforms and now the Yellow Pages have moved online as Yell. Most of these platforms offer basic level listings at no cost. Thus registering with these major platforms will give a business owner a fair idea of the kind of listing to be created and the process of making them. While not every business online requires to have a physical location, local businesses however, need them to be displayed. A major benefit of working with the major platforms is that there is hardly if any risk involved of the business being affected by low rankings because of these platforms. The only downside is these platforms tend to create a corporate, impersonal sort of feel among users.

UK Only Directories

Despite all the benefits associated with being registered with a major online platform there is also a certain disadvantage. When user look for a service or business in a specific town name, Google will show the right kind of business, but possibly in a town sharing the same name in the US. This can generally take place as there are same name town and cities in the US as the UK however, they are a lot larger than their UK counterparts with plenty more of online traffic. Keeping this factor in mind, it is prudent for UK businesses especially those that belong to the SME sector, to look to register their businesses in UK online directories only. Every listing that is registered with a UK online directory offer a much more limited database for searching that increases the efficiency and makes it a lot quicker. These factors make it possible to have lean directories, which can offer premium services for SEO and marketing services and products.

Industry Specific Directories

While geographical location is no more a constraint, it would be better to offer a business listing based on the type of business. It could be in the form of kind of services offered or using product descriptions. With modern transport and logistic facilities it is possible for UK companies to deliver goods  anywhere within the UK within 3-5 days. This is the norm with most companies including major companies like Amazon as well. Since local directories offer a much more efficient search facility and offer better customized results it is likely that these local businesses will attract greater interest among local consumers. When they are in a hurry to find businesses without delay, they also decide much quicker to buy the product or service. This makes it more likely for local businesses to strike good results via local searches thus increasing their profitability.

Local Directories

Like directories that existed earlier for specific communities, a lot many small businesses depend on the local community for their sales. The same applies to smaller listings that have moved online. If anyone is searching for a tradesman, they will want both someone efficient and in the shortest time possible. Those shifting to a new location will need help and support from a variety of tradespeople with them having most likely conducted an online search in advance before they moved to the new location. So, for businesses that offer local services, the business owners needs to ensure that their businesses are listed with the most reputable local listings, with all of the details up-to-date and accurate. When selecting a local listing only opt for one that is well recognized in the area and preferably features your competitors as well. Locating customers with a local listing is an effective way to build relationships with customers for the long term.

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