Beautiful Bongs and Where to Find Them


Bongs are used to smoke marijuana and there are several different types of them. They all work pretty much the same way – they have a mouthpiece that you smoke from, then there is a tube that is just a tube to connect the mouthpiece to the bowl, then you have the bowl. Some bongs have ice catchers or other fancy additions to help increase your smoking pleasure.

There are many different styles of bongs – some are creative and some are just simple. You can buy bongs in a variety of places, as well. You will want to do your research to find the bong that is perfect for you and your needs.

This article will tell you about some of the best bongs to buy in 2023 and where to find some of them. This list has some unique bongs that will fit just about any taste that you might have.


Materials for Bongs

Glass – glass is the most popular for use because they provide the cleanest and freshest taste. Glass bongs are made from a special glass that is designed for durability and will not crack if put under pressure.

Acrylic – these are the cheapest types of bongs and are just about indestructible. Unfortunately, this also means that they are the most difficult to add accessories to.

Ceramic – these are also very durable and are just behind glass in the taste. You can find more information about ceramic bongs here: This article will tell you why they are good for smoking.

Silicone – these are the best for cleaning since you can just put them in the dishwasher to clean them. They are also durable and inexpensive for you to use.

1. Honest Capsule Water Pipe

The Honest Capsule Water Pipe is a very durable pipe and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It has a modular construction that packs into itself for easy storage. It is also shatter resistant, so that you don’t have to be too careful while using it. It has a magnet attached to it so that you can attach your lighter to it so you won’t lose it. You can find these pipes at SMOKEHONEST.COM for around $175.

2. Bento Bong

This is the best for a low-budget bong that will save you some money. It is sleek and modular and easy to use for the even the beginning bong user. This pipe is easy to disassemble and put into your dishwasher for easy cleaning. This bong is made from a high-quality plastic that keeps you secure in the knowledge that you won’t easily break it while still getting an honest taste from your product. You can find this bong at BENTOBONG.COM for about $45.

3. Puffco Budsy

This bong will be discreet since it is disguised as a water bottle with the bowl hidden in the cap. It is also very easy to carry along with you as you walk or travel. It is made of a safe plastic that water bottles are made from. See here for more information. You can use this on hikes or bicycle rides and won’t have to worry about breaking it. You can find this pipe at SMOKECARTEL.COM for about $50.

4. Heir Waterpipe

This one is made of high-quality glass and is dishwasher safe. It looks very sleek and expensive and does a great job of getting you the flavor of the product that you want to use. It also has a percolator on it to get the most flavor out of your product. It has 7 holes that help to prevent clogs, so you get a smoother toke. You can find it at SMOKEHEIR.COM for around $260.

5. Summerland Chongo

The Summerland Chongo is one of the most beautiful and sleek bongs on this list. It is very durable, so you won’t have to buy another one because this one has been broken. It is full-sized and has an incredible sized bowl for your pleasure. This is made from a food safe ceramic with a glaze that is also food safe. You can purchase this bong at WELCOMETOSUMMER.COM for about $225.

6. Sessions Good Bong

Another very sleek looking bong that you can almost use as a decoration in your home. By buying this pipe, you will also be giving monthly to a charity that supports marginalized groups. It has 2 different sizes of bowls so you can adjust the size of your hits for your enjoyment. It has a silicone base that will protect the base and shows where your fill line is. You can buy this beautiful pipe at SESSIONSGOODS.COM for about $120.

7. Jet Filtration Systems SubZero Water Pipe

This pipe has a lifetime guarantee and it should for the price they are asking for it. It is also customizable for your perfect hit size. You can choose different colored percolators for your enjoyment as well. This pipe allows for complete customization for all your needs so that it can change as your needs change. You can find this water pipe at JETWATERPIPES.COM for about $192.

8. Stundenglass

This bong is absolutely gorgeous and will fit into the décor of your home with its classiness. This bong does everything except smoke for you. It also provides contactless marijuana ingestion so that you don’t have to worry about contamination. You can use this one to smoke food and drinks, as well as to smoke cannabis from. It also has all the attachments needed to make a hookah. You can buy this beautiful bong at STUNDENGLASS.COM for about $600.

9. Eyce Beaker

Voted Best Bong for Inspector Gadget for its looks, this bong is made from an indestructible silicone for a long-lasting pipe. It also has a rolling tray, a hidden stash jar, magnetic lighter holder, and a stainless steel poker to make it ready at any time for a toke. You can buy this interesting looking bong at VAPOR.COM for the low price of $70.

These are just some of the most popular water pipes that you can find on the internet today. You can choose any and have all the enjoyment that you want from a bong.

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