How Do I See the App Size in the New Google Play Store?

If you’re wondering, “How do I see the app size in the new Android marketplace?” you’ve come to the right place! While the old Play Store results used to display the name of the developer, rating, and price of an app, they now also show the size of the app. This number can be displayed in millions, or in rare cases, billions. Some apps boast Editors’ Choice titles, which replace the download count. However, you can’t view this data if the app is not installed on your device.

To find out the exact size of an app, head to Settings and select “Device maintenance.” This will be similar to the application manager. Once you’ve selected Device Maintenance, you can find four different options there. Tap Storage, Images, Audio, and Apps. You can then view the size of each app. This is an easy, safe, and quick way to find out whether an app will consume a lot of disk space on your phone.

Considering the size of the app is an important consideration when building an efficient app. Knowing this information is useful when optimizing your app and building a better overall user experience. You can also monitor app size changes and check what size an app was updated to. The bigger the app is, the slower it will download on your device. In the new Google Play store, the download size of a specific app is displayed.

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