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Mangastream was a website where people could download scans of mangas for free. It was shut down however, and the company has since gone out of business. If you want to try downloading mangas from another source, check out these alternatives.

Mangastream was a website that offered scans of manga

If you are a manga enthusiast, you may have been wondering why the internet’s most popular manga scanlation site, Mangastream, closed its doors. As a result, you may be in the market for a replacement.

Whether you’re looking for free manga, a paid subscription service or a combination of the two, there are many manga sites to choose from. These sites can be accessed on the desktop, mobile, or even tablet. Some have a dedicated app to provide you with instant access to your favorite manga comics.

While mangastream was a great website to read manga comics, it did have its flaws. Most notably, it provided manga content without approval from actual manga owners.

It was a popular site for comic book fans, and it was available for almost a decade before shutting down. In addition, it had a surprisingly robust collection of manga comics.

The website was able to offer high-quality manga scans, though the number of images on a single page was limited. Those that favored manga scans were able to edit the image and make it their own.

It allowed users to download comics for free

MangaStream was a famous online manga comic reading service for almost a decade. This service was available for free and offered a wide range of manga titles to read. Its user-friendly layout made it popular among many readers. The site also featured translations of manga in many languages.

However, the website is now unavailable. The main reason is that owners of the comics have asked the website to shut down. They say that it infringes on their intellectual property rights.

Other manga sites have been developed as an alternative. One is KissManga. Another is ToonGet. These two sites provide users with manga and anime shows. There are also other scanlation sites that translate manga to other languages.

However, it is important to note that downloading manga is not illegal. Moreover, reading manga is not as bad as downloading it.

MangaPanda is another manga reading site. It offers a variety of manga genres and can be used on PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Like MangaStream, it has an easy-to-use interface.

It was shut down

If you are a fan of manga and anime, you may have heard that MangaStream was shut down. This news is causing quite a commotion in the anime community.

MangaStream was a popular website for online reading of manga comics. Besides the fact that it was free to use, it had a good selection of manga.

Its main attraction was its scanlation technology, which translates manga content into other languages. Fans of manga would upload scans of manga comics and then edit them into other languages.

For a brief period of time, MangaStream was the largest and most popular website on the planet. They had a massive selection of manga comics, which they translated into other languages. The site also boasted a user-friendly interface, which made it an easy choice for fans who wanted to check out their favorite manga.

However, despite its popularity, the site was shut down after only a few years. While the site is not currently accessible, its users have found alternate sites that offer similar functionality.

Alternatives to Mangastream

Alternatives to Mangastream are available on the Internet. If you’ve been looking for a place to read manga, these sites will help you find something that fits your needs.

MangaOwl is one of the best alternative manga streaming sites. It’s easy to use, with a good database of manga. You can easily browse by genre, newest releases, and more. There’s also a free version of the site that you can access.

Another great alternative to mangastream is MangaReborn. This website offers a number of different genres, including Shounen, action, and romance. The site is clean and user-friendly, and it is updated with new manga comics.

KissManga is another site that’s perfect for manga lovers. It has a huge library of manga, and it’s ad-free. You can browse through its vast library by category, and it also includes a number of filters.


Similarly, MangaHere offers a large database of Japanese and European manga. They have a dedicated tab for news, and there’s no pop-up advertising. Plus, the site is accessible across all platforms.

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