Is it Worth Going to Law School If it isn’t in the Top 25?

Despite its lack of prestige, a law degree from a law school in a lower tier may still be worthwhile. While lower-ranked law schools may not attract top students, they can still do well, especially if they network through professional organizations. Here are some tips to help you choose the best school for you. This list is not exhaustive. You must consider your own personal circumstances and financial situation before deciding on where to go to law school flowerstips.

– The practice of law is notably diverse. Law schools are largely responsible for this diversity, so diversity is valued. US News’ rankings are counterproductive, as many top law schools see them as flawed. Furthermore, 87% of admissions officers would prefer to see rankings based on job placement rates rather than academic performance. This makes law schools that don’t rank well in US News’ list more valuable sccbuzz.

– If you’re older, you’ll have more life experience. An older student will likely have more life experience and a clear idea of why they want to go to law school. Also, a law degree can be a great advancement opportunity if you’re already in a career in a different field. The rankings are not the only factors affecting law school rankings, however musicalnepal.

– You might not be able to get a great job at a lesser-known law school. But a law degree from an under-the-radar school will likely give you access to valuable networking opportunities. Ultimately, your location will determine whether you land a good job. For example, according to the ABA Statistics website, 90% of 2017 University of Georgia graduates obtained jobs within ten months of graduating. Nearly eighty percent of these graduates found jobs in South Carolina. One-third of those students were appointed judicial clerks.

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